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Whether we realize it or not, nature is a part of our everyday lives and influences us in a variety of ways. Abstract Details of Nature, which reflects the major theme in my pieces provides a way of going beyond the surface and reaching into nature’s inner core; helping observers understand it in a more meaningful way.

Several natural environments in Indiana and Illinois provided both an inspiration and source for many of my ideas.  By using, simple forms from nature whether it be trees, leaves or a combination of both, I was able to form several varieties of abstract images. Through the medium of watercolor, use of vibrant brush strokes and placement of color, I have worked on bringing forth the unique features that comprise these environments.

After viewing Abstract Details of Nature, I want viewers to be allowed to take part in a more personal union with nature.  My work expresses how our local, natural environment is interwoven in us and will open observers’ minds to go beyond the surface of nature and gain a deeper understanding of their relationship with it.

            I hope that you enjoy my work as much as I have in creating it !


Best Regards,
Anastasia Barracks