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Jeff McNear - Ghost Frog Press
Artist's Statement

Exceeding the limits of Linocut Block Printmaking

In 1995 I turned my attention from sculpture to linocut block printing. I quickly discovered that printmaking with linocut blocks allows me to convey images in their most raw and honest forms. Simple line, texture, color and negative space project amazingly expressive imagery and visceral impact.

Each individual print is handmade directly from the linoleum block. When multiple colors are used, a separate linoleum block is carved for each color. Deliberate and inadvertent variations in colors and imprint strength occur within all of my limited editions. By convention, at the end of each limited edition the blocks used to make the prints are defaced ensuring that they will never be used after the edition is final.

 I am a third generation artist who grew up surrounded not only by the paintings and sculpture of my grandfather and father, but by an impressive and ever changing collection of African, Pre-Columbian, South Asian, and Cubist art. Through this exposure I gained an appreciation for sculptural forms, and the musical grace of a well-executed line. I keep my work clean, open, and uncrowded so that it may serve as a jumping off point for thought.

To my eye detail overpowers the essential rhythm and pattern that is beauty. To strip away extraneous embellishment and irrelevant detail is to perceive balance. Distilling the wall of information that surrounds us down to the most raw and honest forms leads to understanding. White noise becomes music, jerking motion achieves flow, chaotic elements find their place.

Welcome to my web gallery. I hope you enjoy viewing my printmaking work as much as I have enjoyed creating these linocut images!



1332 Main Street / Evanston, IL 60202
847 /864-8940